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To let you experience our fast, reliable & high quality service, we are pleased to offer our zero freight rate to our first time customers.

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  • With our MES (Major Exporter Scheme) status, your transhipment cargo to Malaysia, Brunei & other countries will not incur any GST charges.

    Contact us at: hc-transhipment

  • 6 GOOD REASONS FOR CHOOSING                           

    #1 Caring Attitude

    We adopt  the positive and possible attitude:
    We Care, We Can & We Will !

    Our core values of Honesty and Integrity will assure that your cargo is always safe with us.

    #2 One-Stop Services

    We have wide range and comprehensive One-Stop Value-Added & Integrated Services, which will allow you to focus on your core business and competency


    #3 Transhipment without GST

    With our Major Exporter Scheme (MES) status, your transhipment cargo via Singapore to other countries will not be subject to GST charges.

    #4 Speedy Door-to-Door Delivery

    With our service centers and warehouses strategically located in various major cities in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore, you will be assured of courier speed Door-to-Door Delivery at economy price.


    #5 Decades of Experience

    Establish since 1945, we have many years of experience in delivering all types of cargo from all kind of industry.

    No Cargo is too big or too small for us to deliver!

    #6 Shipment Tracking

    With our custom build computerize logistics system, you can track your shipment at anyplace anytime

  • Contact Us

    For Malaysia & Singapore Cargo

    TEL: +65-6743 5416
    FAX: +65-6748 0020
    EMAIL: hc-malaysia

    For Brunei Cargo

    TEL: +65-6744 3832
    FAX: +65-6748 8650

    Sales & Marketing

    General Matters


    Hock Cheong Forwarding, Logistics and Transport Group of Companies specialize in Door-to-Door Delivery to Malaysia, Brunei & Singapore. We provide daily trucking to Malaysia and weekly shipping from both Guangzhou and Singapore to Brunei. We accept both LCL (Loose Cargo Load) and FCL (Full Container Load).

    Our Comprehensive Range of Services include:

    Our related Value-Added Services include:

    Our service centres and warehouses are strategically located in major cities in Peninsular Malaysia. These include Johor Bahru, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang. This enables us to provide greater and more effective distribution coverage extending to semi urban areas in the various states. We also provide transhipment services to Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak. We believe in win-win solution and hope to be part of your supply chain management as we aim to deliver at courier speed but at economy price.